Rotary Music Festival 2018

“In Music Festivals, the object is not to gain a prize, nor to defeat a rival,
but to pace one another on the road to excellence.” – Sir H. Walford Davies

The Medicine Hat Rotary Music Festival (MHRMF) is a local festival for participants who live within 50 km of Medicine Hat. Local community festivals are the grassroots of a three-tiered music festival movement in Canada. This movement allows amateur music students to compete for not only local awards and recognition, but also for the opportunity to be referred to move up to the Provincial and National levels (for those 28 years of age and under).  MHRMF runs over a 2-week period. This festival is one of the largest in the province.


Thank You to our talented Music Teachers, Directors & Accompanists.  Bravo!

Felicity Haldeman, Maureen Woelfle, Brad van Middelkoop, Melissa Kozachenko, Patricia Swan, Grainne Concagh, Ron Blackmer, Joe Syverson and Pat Weisgerber

Each year students from Medicine Hat Catholic Schools participate in The Medicine Hat Rotary Music Festival.
Entries include: Choir, Band, Guitar, Choral Speech and Choral Solo Entries.

Click here for the Rotary Music Festival 2018 performance schedule. 

"Inspiring Students Through the Arts"